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Botny Air Conditioner Cleaner Spray 500ml Importedx


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Brand : Botny

Volumetric Capacity: 500 ml

Purpose: AC Duct Cleaner

  • Air Conditioning Cleaner, Steps are as follows:
  • 1.Engine ignition open the hood to open all the windows;
  • 2 .Air conditioning modulation transferred to the outer loop fan gear3Block;
  • 3 .Open the hood inlet hand again;
  • 4 .The air conditioning filtration net removed;
  • 5 .From the inlet air-conditioning cleaning agent is injected into the evaporator air cleaning agent is injected into the half; Close air conditioning standing¬† 5–10Minutes to facilitate cleaning agent to dissolve dirt;
  • 6.After 10 minutes, Open air, Modulation outer loop,Gear3Block,All of the remaining cleaning agent is sprayed into;
  • 7.Will cycle air conditioning modulated within 5 minutes, Inner loop After 5 minutes and then conditioned modulation outer loop, Gear transferred4Block,For foam blowing;
  • 8 .Install the dismantled parts cleaning is finished; Tools and products needed :Towels air cleaning agent ;Construction takes about 30 Minute!

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