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Flamingo AC Pro Air Conditioner Cleaner – 500ml


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This product uses advanced manufacturing technology, And specially added CibaDays new Hp100Long -toxic antimicrobial agents, is to avoid demolition of automotive air-conditioning inside special cleaning agents, harmless, efficient sterilization, deodorization effect rapid and environmentally friendly formula made from natural raw materials professional, strong expansion foam, can penetrate the air inside direct wash air conditioning inside the fan, switch dust, grease, insects and other debris stains and kill bacteria, eliminate odor, long time to prevent bacteria breeding and distributing sunflowers pleasant scent! Serve to restore and strengthen the effect of air conditioning and refrigeration, energy-saving, extended life of air conditioning.

Construction Steps:

Air Conditioning Cleaner, Steps are as follows:

1. Engine ignition open the hood to open all the windows;

2. Air conditioning modulation transferred to the outer loop fan gear 3 Block;

3. Open the hood inlet hand again;

4. The air conditioning filtration net removed;

5. From the inlet air-conditioning cleaning agent is injected into the evaporator air cleaning agent is injected into the half; Close air conditioning standing 5 – 10 Minutes to facilitate cleaning agent to dissolve dirt;

6. After minutes, Open-air, Modulation outer loop, Gear 3 Block, All of the remaining cleaning agent is sprayed into;

7. Will cycle air conditioning modulated within minutes, Inner loop 5 After minutes and then conditioned modulation outer loop, Gear transferred 4 Block, For foam blowing;

8. Install the dismantled parts cleaning is finished; Tools and products needed: Towels air cleaning agent;

9. Construction takes about 30Minute!

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