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Flamingo Tire Foam Spray – 650ml


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Product Description:

For Protection Cleaning and shining of your car Dissolves dirt & grime Improve your car tire life Restore luster & leaves a rich satin finish Tire Long life

One step tire care, just spray on and watch, no wiping, no mess. The easy way to clean, shine and protect your tires. Dissolves dirt and grime, restores luster and leaves a rich satin finish, penetrates and bonds to surface to protect against cracking and discoloration.


Usage Direction:

1. Shake well before using.

2. Spray evenly on sidewall 6 inches away in one circular motion.

No wiping, no buffing.

Can be applied to wet or dry tires. For best results, first, wash off excessive dirt. Clean extra dirty whitewalls with Degreaser Cleaner. Safe for all-wheel surfaces. Do not spray on brake rotors, drums, floors, or cycle tires.

Disposal: Offer empty containers for recycling. If recycling is not available, discard the container in the trash.

Note: Excess residue from tires should be rinsed from driveways and other surfaces to avoid sporting.

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