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Nasa Carb and Throttle Cleaner Spray 650ml Pack of 2


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Unique blend of solvents quickly dissolves gum, varnish and carbon to restore carburetor and engine performance. It is also a great cleaner for the throttle plate area of fuel injected vehicles, vacuum pistons/cylinder and pcv valves. Nasa Carb and Throttle Cleaner provides you with great results by making it crystal clear so it can work properly to distribute accurate amount of fuel and ensure a stable air fuel ratio.


1. With cold engine remove air filter
2. With engine off, spray on carburetor interior and exterior surface. Let it soak and shortly afterwards spray again
3. Spray it on automatic choke and carburetor butterfly, then open and close manually until they move freely
4. Spray on vacuum piston/cylinder generously
5. Spray on all throttle linkage to free action
6.For fuel injected vehicle: with engine running spray generously into air intake port. Rev Engine occasionally until idle returns to normal
7. For PCV valves: with engine cold, disconnect hose from valve. Insert extension tube into valve opening and spray while moving valve back and forth. Start the engine and spray three to four short bursts.

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