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Pack of 3 Flamingo Octane Booster Improve octane | Resistant oxidation


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  • Brand: Flamingo
  • Volumetric Capacity: 250 ml
  • What’s in the box: 3 x Flamingo Octane Booster – 250 ml
  • Flamingo Octane BoosterMany car lovers are trying to find devices or things that can increase the torque or pick up of their cars. Some people end up getting their car’s tanks filled with Hi-Octane but there is a high number of people who don’t want to do that because of the higher prices of the Hi-Octane if compared to the normal fuel. Many people also get air intakes installed or get OBD2 devices. Some of them also get their cars chipped or get a device named throttle control so that they get higher torque and pick up out of their cars. But getting car chipped or getting throttle control installed in your car can be pretty expensive. There are many people who can’t afford them, but want something that can increase the performance. We, at SehgalMotors.PK have a solution for you which is called the ‘Flamingo Octane Booster’. As you can understand from the name, the octane booster is used to increase the performance of your car. This works as the Hi-Octane, you just have to get the normal fuel filled and just dilute it with the fuel and you’re ready to go. After doing so, you’ll get better torque and pick up as well as better fuel efficiency. Features: Improve Octane: It basically improves the octane. Like the new Civic X has the Hi-Octane as a recommended fuel because if you get its tank filled with normal fuel, the engine starts making a knocking sound. So if you want to fill the tank with normal fuel, you have to dilute the octane booster. It gives you more performance with better fuel efficiency.Resistant Oxidation.Stable Gas Quality: Improve the gas (petrol) quality. In foreign countries petrol is called gas.Clean Gas: It cleans the gas (petrol).Contributes Burning: It contributes in burning.It is also called Gas Booster and Performance Booster.

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