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STP Brake Fluid DOT 3 – 354ml | Made in USA


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Product Benefits:

  • Protects DOT 3 ABS disc or drum brake systems
  • Provides protection against brake failure from vapor lock
  • Help prevent corrosion in the brake system
  • Works with all brake systems requiring DOT 3 fluids
  • Complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 116. Meets SAE spec. J1703

Protects brake system — for disc or drum brakes.

STP® Heavy Duty Brake Fluid is specially formulated to get optimum performance from disc or drum brake systems in today’s cars and trucks.


Usage Frequency

As needed. To bleed the system, refer to the service manual. Do not reuse brake fluid from bleeding operations.

Take Note!

This is a DOT 3 motor vehicle brake fluid.

Never wash cylinders or parts with gasoline, kerosene or oil. Avoid spilling brake fluid on brake lining or car finish.

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