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Toyota Genuine Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner – 182ml


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100% Toyota genuine product.

Injection Nozzles – remove deposits from injection nozzle, prevent poor combustion and restore engine performance.
Combustion Chambers – removes deposits from the combustion chambers and minimize engine knocking.
Intake Valves – removes deposits from intake valves and achieve better accelerator response.
Spack plugs – removes carbon accumulated on the spark plugs, prevent misfiring and provides better engine start-up.

Made in Japan
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This product is an efficient cleaning of injector deposit of all petroleum engines such as 4 or 6 cylinders engine, V6, V8, Turbo and non-Turbo charge engines.

A sign that the Fuel Injectors are dirty when the vehicle has insufficient power, poor fuel economy, slow engine responsiveness, engine noise and rough idling. This is the right time where we should use the Toyota Fuel Injector Cleaner in the car.

The Toyota Fuel Injector Cleaner will be poured inside the petrol tank and mixed together with petrol. Add 1 bottle to tank with a capacity of 50 litres or less, Add 2 bottles to tank with a capacity of 50 litres or more.

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