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Turtle Wax Color Magic Polish – Red – 500ml


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Turtle Wax’s Features:

  • Turtle Wax’s Red Color Magic Polish makes it easy to keep black cars looking their best. Using proprietary black-tinted technology, the polish fills in blemishes and leaves a deep mirror-like reflection.
  • Rejuvenates older, faded finishes that have been neglected
  • Leaves a deep and brilliant shine with long-lasting protection
  • Gently removes ingrained dirt and grime, masks minor scratches and swirl marks
  • Restores and repairs vehicle finishes to showroom-like condition



Classic Turtle Wax is the special formula that has been making cars look new for generations. Back in the day when car finishes looked worn and dull after just a few years, car enthusiasts would use Turtle Wax to bring back the luster and shine. Today Turtle Wax has undergone major improvements while retaining its classic quality. It is still the best way to protect and enhance your car or truck’s paint. It’s a durable polyurethane enriched formula that brings back your car’s deep, brilliant color and shine. Just a little Turtle Wax rubbed into the finish will last a long time, through up to 25 washes. This protects the look of your auto and your investment. Your car is going to be worth a LOT more on trade-in thanks to just a few minutes with Turtle Wax.


FINEST FOR CLASSIC CARS and trucks that require extra effort to keep their old fashioned paint jobs looking pristine.

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