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YEC Flamma Ignition Coil Part No. (IGC113F) – 1 PC


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YEC Flamma Ignition Coil Part No. IGC113A – Made in Japan





About Flamma:

FLAMMA is an ignition coil that finally came into being after strenuous R&D activities by the Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (YEC): A company continuously striving to live up to the distinctive reliability and quality feeling held towards a Japanese brand.


Conventionally, YEC had been a renowned player in the repair parts market, for developing, producing and selling outstanding distributor caps and rotors. Such results achieved over the years generated a profound awareness among the general public towards the YEC brand as a manufacturer of high-quality distributors. Over the years, rapid R&D activities relating to automobile electric components promoted a shift in the industry towards a more effective ignition system. In response, YEC pioneered by developing an innovative ignition coil: A product really desired by the customers in the automobile repair parts market.


Taming the rough road of development, the launch of the FLAMMA Ignition Coil is YEC’s latest achievement that came into being as a result of its long years of accumulated technological know-how in plastic molding and electric component production.

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