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Microfiber Extra Soft Cloth – 30cm x 60cm


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Product Benefits:

  • Color: Multi Color
  • Imported Micro Fiber Size 30cm x 60cm
  • Amazing softness Super absorbent fibres
  • Holds 7 times its weight in water Super large wash and dry more area faster Cleans as it dries, safe on all surfaces
  • Leaves no scratch in the cleaning process
  • Item name: large microfiber drying towel
  • Material: 80% polyester & 20% polyamide
  • 30 x 60 cm Medium size Micro Fiber Soft Car
  • Imported Voxbell (Car Cleaning, Waxing & Kitchen, Household Cleaning)

The Microfiber Cloth or Towel is a soft towel or cloth piece which helps to improve your cleaning efforts in your daily routine. Ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber towel or microfiber cleaning cloth. The Double-Sided thickening car drying towel will not scratch paints, coating or other surfaces. The towel is super soft and has strong absorption which is very suitable for washing, waxing, polishing and drying cars. The water absorption of Microfiber Drying Cleaning Towel is stronger than a normal towel. It can absorb up to almost 10 times its weight in water. The Microfiber Cloth for Car can be used for home cleaning and even for office or industrial uses. Fine Texture and feel soft, and can repeated use, no shrinking, no pilling and no fade without losing quality.

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