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Toyota Genuine CVT TC / 08886-02105 CVTF Transmission Fluid


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Manufactured by: Toyota Japan Genuine and Highest Quality CVT Gearbox Oil

Affordable and Original For Toyota Car models using CVT Improved fuel Economy and Gear Shifts Improved resistance to oxidation, heat breakdown and oil debris for your CVT gearbox.

Oil Type: fully-synthetic

TOYOTA Genuine Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid.

Highly recommended for 2nd hand Toyota Car Owners with 50,000 to 100,000km Mileage to improve your CVT gearbox. This fluid is used in Toyota vehicles with Toyota SUPER CVT specifications.

List of Toyota Super-CVT Car Models:

Aisis: ANM10G, ANM10W, ANM15G, ANM15W Allion: AZT240, ZRT260, ZRT261, ZRT265, NZT260

Alphard: ATH10W, ANH20W, ANH25W

Auris: ZRE152H, NZE151H, ZRE154H, NZE154H

Belta: SCP92, KSP92

Blade: AZE156H, AZE154H

Corolla Axio: ZRE142, NZE141, ZRE144, NZE144

Corolla Fielder: ZRE142G, NZE141G, ZRE144G, NZE144G

Corolla Rumion: ZRE152N, NZE151N, ZRE154N

Estima: AHR10W, ACR50W, ACR55W iQ: KGJ-10

Ist: NCP110, NCP115 Mark X Zio: ANA10, ANA15

Noah: ZRR70W, ZRR70G, ZRR75W, ZRR75G, ZAR60G, ZAR65G

Opa: ACT10

Premio: AZT240, ZRT260, ZRT261, ZRT265, NZT260

Ractis: NCP100, SCP100 RAV-4: ACA36W, ACA31W

Sienta: NCP81G

Vanguard: ACA38W, ACA33W Vitz: NCP91, SCP90, KSP90, SCP13

Voxy: ZRR70W, ZRR70G, ZRR75W, ZRR75G, ZAR60G, ZAR65G Wish: ZGE21G, ZGE22W, ZGE20G, ZGE20W, ZGE25G, ZGE25W, ANE11W, ANE10G

Following Transmission Codes are also suitable: K110, K111, K111F, K112, K112F, K210, P210, K310, K311, K311F, K410, K41A

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